Mid-America Orchid Congress
The Mid-America Orchid Congress is an organization of orchid societies dedicated to the preservation of orchids in their natural habitats, the propagation of orchids by seed and cuttings, the development of new and better plants through breeding, and providing information to growers who subscribe to their principles.

Memphis Orchid Society

The Memphis Orchid Society brings together people interested in orchids, promotes orchid culture and encourages all orchid activities of interest to the hobbyist, including holding and participating in orchid shows.

American Orchid Society
The American Orchid Society is more than just a flower club.  Throughout its 85-year history the AOS, in keeping with its vision and mission, has strived to bring their members timely and state-of-the-art orchid information, support basic and applied research in orchids, and monitor and support conservation effort both here in North America as well as throughout the World.

Heart of Dixie Orchid Society
The Heart of Dixie Orchid Society works to promote and educate the general public on different orchid topics ranging from care to conservation.

Atlanta Orchid Society
The Atlanta Orchid Society’s goal is to preserve and extend knowledge concerning the culture, use, enjoyment and public display of orchids; and to bring together those who love orchids.

Gulf Coast Orchid Society
The Gulf Coast Orchid Society is a non- profit group, established by orchid enthusiasts who share a common interest in orchid culture, exhibition, and the accumulation and dissemination of knowledge pertaining to the care and perpetuation of this wonderful plant family.